Offering coupons please print or screen shot 

“I like to create the perfect ambience, tailored to each of my client’s specific taste”

Thank you for your interest in spending time with me.

Here’s the accommodation I request for my time, companionship, and entertainment.

Allowances are non-negotiable.

Any money exchanged is for modeling entertainment only anything else that might occur is a choice of matter between two consensual adults 


 Whether it’s Los Angeles, NYC, Seattle London, Shanghai,.Maldives or the likes,

I am well-traveled and passport ready. 

(30%) deposit is required. 

First class airfare, 5-Star Hotel and private transpo is essential and price inclusive.

If you have not seen an experience you are looking for please 

Pick Your Adventure.


From books to perfume, gas cards and toys to flights to school credits. Surprise me as I surprise you! I don’t expect gifts, however it is always appreciated and never forgotten.

Private facetime shows are always fun.

A house in San Fernando Valley, condo in Woodland Hills, won’t pay for itself! lol..

I would like to send a special Thank You

To the Gentlemen who enjoyed 24hrs with me for my Birthday

Gifting me with New Double D's 

Stop by mSPOIL ME page to find out what gets my mind grapes moving.

 Please note, compensation is for my time only.

Physical intimacy is neither contracted nor compensated for..

Facetime Sexting

Unable to meet me but you still wanna have fun w/me no matter where we are

BREIF CHAT 0.4hr--- $100

PASSION AWAITS 0.5hr--- $150

ECSTASY 1hr--- $250

Private Dancer

(Bringing the Gentlemen's Club to you w/Portable Poles for your enjoyment)

Everyday updates on what clubs you can meet me at daily in members only 


QUICK FIX 0.4hr--$200

YOU LIKE IT 0.5hr--$350

YOU LOVE IT 1hr--$450

Each Additional hr $250



            Topless California

            Erotic Maid Service

0-1 Bd Apt - $200 | Hse - $270

2-3 bd Apt - $300 | Hse - $370


add $100 for extra Maid

Fetish Play


(golden splash)

Just getting heated 0.5hr — $280 | 480

Give em some more 1hr — $650 | 850

More please 2hr — $1250 | 1450

Tantra Fsbm | Nuru

Just a Touch 0.5hr $170 | 300

Very Soothing 1hr 300 |400

Rejuverating 1.5hr 400 |600

Date Me Locally


     COCKTAILS 1hr — $500

ROMANCE 1.5hr — $700        

      LUNCH 2hr—    $950

BRUNCH 3hr — $1300         

        DINNER 4hr—   $1700

CAN'T GET ENOUGH 5hr—  $2200     

  O/N SLUMBER PARTY 8-10hr—  $3500

HALF DAY  12hr —    $5000 

FULL DAY 24Hr — $9000

48Hr  — $16000

Run away have Affair  in Greece (+$200)


Couples are my favorite  — Add 40% Allowance

*In - date extension - $900 per additional hr

Deposit of $100 secures our time.




*All overnights include 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep & personal grooming time.

Please note dates  over two hours must include at least an hour of drinks or dinner.

Please note these dates are for out and about only and listed in both USD & GBP.

RESERVATION: 30% is required.

No Memo. 


Information given for screening is to verify you are who you say you are for my safety. Without exception. I require all first-time gentlemen to be screened.

I value our discretion.

My identity is essential to me, which is why my face is hidden.

For public outings, if Confidentiality (NDA's) are needed to be signed, I have done so in the past.

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